bra·​vo | \ ˈbrä-(ˌ)vō , brä-ˈvō\

plural bravos: a shout of approval — often used to applaud a performance

Be Your Own Hero

We Help Others Become Heroes Of Their Own Stories

What We Offer

What We Offer

What We Offer


We are a rapidly expanding Planet Fitness operator with health club locations in Oregon and Alaska.  

What To Expect

What We Offer

What We Offer


A dynamic work environment & a place to help others succeed.

What We’re Reading

Core to our culture is a spirit of continuous improvement.  Our lending library is full of books covering topics from customer service to personal growth.  Here are a few that we're reading, or re-reading, now. 


Raving Fans

Raving Fans uses a brilliantly simple and charming story to teach  listeners how to define vision, learn what a customer really wants,  institute effective systems, and make Raving Fan Service a constant  feature--not just another program of the month.


The 7 Habits Of Highly Effective People


Covey presents an approach to being effective in attaining goals by aligning oneself to what he calls "true north" principles based on a character ethic that he presents as universal and timeless. 


A Message To Garcia

A Message to Garcia is a widely distributed essay written by Elbert Hubbard in 1899, expressing the value of individual initiative and conscientiousness in work. As its primary example, the essay uses a dramatized version of a daring escapade performed by an American soldier, 1st Lt. Andrew S. Rowan, just prior to the Spanish–American War.

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